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Drilling Down on the Internet of Things with Liat Ben-Zur of AllSeen Alliance

Joining us on PowerTalk today to discuss the Internet of Things is Liat Ben-Zur, chairwoman of the AllSeen Alliance.

Why You Need to Think Twice About Using Facebook, Twitter and Social Media

As we communicate and share more through social media, there are pitfalls for companies and people: fraud, impersonation, phishing, malware and viruses.

How Cable Competition Will Impact Consumers with Author Susan Crawford

Given AT&T’s (T) pending acquisition of cable company DirecTV (DTV), I thought today would be a good opportunity to revisit my PowerTalk with Susan Crawford from May 10, 2013.

What Recent Retail Results Say about the Health of the Overall Economy

What raised my eyebrows recently was the weaker-than-expected April retail sales figure.

How the Continuing Water Crisis will Affect You with Debra Coy

The fundamentals that water industry veteran Debra Coy and I discussed in last July’s PowerTalk are still intact, meaning improvements in U.S. water infrastructure are still a pressing need.

How Highway and Bridge Infrastructure Affects the Economy

There has been much talk lately about the tone of construction spending.

Where Job Creation and Obama’s Policies Disconnect with Liz Peek

Joining us on PowerTalk this week to cut through all the nonsense and take us behind the scenes and in the know on this topic is Liz Peek, a columnist at for FoxNews.com and The Fiscal Times.

What I Will Share about Key Investment Trends at Next Week’s Las Vegas MoneyShow

One great way to get a read on what really is going on is to talk with company executives, industry experts and others.

How State Regulation Limits Your Freedom for Guilty Pleasures with Michelle Minton, Competitive Enterprise Institute Fellow

Joining us today on PowerTalk is Michelle Minton, a fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

How to Ask the Right Questions that Lead to Stock Market Profits

One of the dangers that individual investors face is being caught, if not trapped, in the headlines, and that often leads to paralysis.


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