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How the Cloud will Affect Corporate America and You with Jay Chapel, CEO of Ostrato

The Cloud? You and I have been hearing a lot about it. But what is the Cloud, and what does it mean for you and corporate America?

How to Get the Investment Information with the Best Edge

There is another resource that most investors have available to them, but it’s surprising to me how few actually take the time to use it.

The Growing Importance of Cybersecurity with Jason Brvenik, Principal Engineer at Cisco Systems

It’s safe to say you will want to hear what Jason Brvenik, principal engineer of the Security Business Group at Cisco Systems, has to say about the growing threat of cyber attacks and what this NSS report turned up.

The Future of Jobs with Lindsay Stanton, Chief Client Officer for the Job Search Television Network

We’re joined by Lindsay Stanton of the Job Search Television Network to talk about why she’s upbeat when it comes to the outlook for jobs in the coming months.

Where Housing and Real Estate are Headed with United Real Estate Chairman and CEO Dan Duffy

Joining us this week is Dan Duffy, chairman and CEO of United Real Estate.

How Big Data Rose so Rapidly with IBM’s Bob Picciano

Joining us this week is Bob Picciano, Senior Vice President of IBM’s Information and Analytics Group.

How Rising Beef Prices will Impact the Economy and You

In early January, I shared with you my concern about rising beef prices. Well, during the last several weeks, other observers have begun to express the same concern.

What the Growing Demand for Big Data and Analytics at Financial Services and Healthcare Companies Means for You

Joining me to talk about this trend is Sheila Talton, founder of Big Data company Gray Matter Analytics, a consulting firm that specializes in Big Data and analytics for the financial services and healthcare industries.

How You Can Profit from the Evolution of Competing Companies

From an investor perspective, it is the companies that are able to adapt and, even better, thrive in response to the PowerTrend-generated shift that we want to own.

How the Growth of the Internet will Affect Privacy and Freedom with Susan Morgan of GNI

Joining me to talk on privacy and freedom on the Internet, as well as discuss more about the Global Network Initiative (GNI) is Susan Morgan, the initiative’s executive director.

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